Sara and Ray’s wedding

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JFP had a wonderful day with Sara and Ray, and the rest of their family and friends! Thanks so much for sharing your wedding with us, guys. W/ Pat’s Barn at Rensselaer Technology Park, Upstate Sounds, Nicole’s Special Events and Catering and DeAnna’s Shoppe.

sara-and-ray-101 sara-and-ray-102 sara-and-ray-103









sara-and-ray-112 sara-and-ray-113 sara-and-ray-114 sara-and-ray-115 sara-and-ray-116

sara-and-ray-118 sara-and-ray-119 sara-and-ray-120 sara-and-ray-121

sara-and-ray-122 sara-and-ray-123 sara-and-ray-124 sara-and-ray-125


sara-and-ray-127 sara-and-ray-128


sara-and-ray-130 sara-and-ray-131



sara-and-ray-134 sara-and-ray-135 sara-and-ray-136 sara-and-ray-137 sara-and-ray-138


sara-and-ray-140 sara-and-ray-141 sara-and-ray-142 sara-and-ray-143 sara-and-ray-144

sara-and-ray-145 sara-and-ray-146 sara-and-ray-147 sara-and-ray-148 sara-and-ray-149 sara-and-ray-150

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Congrats to Mahgan and Jeffrey!

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Mahgan and Jeffrey got married yesterday, and J. Foley Photography was happy to share the day with them. With Pat’s Barn at Rensselaer Technology Park, Conway Entertainment Professional DJ Service, Nicole’s Special Events and Catering, White Cottage Gardens and Shelley Salon and Day Spa.

Mahgan and Jeff-101 Mahgan and Jeff-102  Mahgan and Jeff-104

Mahgan and Jeff-105

Mahgan and Jeff-106

Mahgan and Jeff-107 Mahgan and Jeff-108

Mahgan and Jeff-109

Mahgan and Jeff-110

Mahgan and Jeff-111

Mahgan and Jeff-112

Mahgan and Jeff-113

Mahgan and Jeff-114

Mahgan and Jeff-115

Mahgan and Jeff-116 Mahgan and Jeff-117 Mahgan and Jeff-118

Mahgan and Jeff-119

Mahgan and Jeff-120 Mahgan and Jeff-121

Mahgan and Jeff-122

Mahgan and Jeff-123

Mahgan and Jeff-124

Mahgan and Jeff-125 Mahgan and Jeff-126 Mahgan and Jeff-127 Mahgan and Jeff-128 Mahgan and Jeff-129 Mahgan and Jeff-130

Mahgan and Jeff-132

Mahgan and Jeff-133 Mahgan and Jeff-134 Mahgan and Jeff-135 Mahgan and Jeff-136 Mahgan and Jeff-137

Mahgan and Jeff-138 Mahgan and Jeff-139 Mahgan and Jeff-140 Mahgan and Jeff-141

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Congrats to Michelle and Adam!

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JFP had a wonderful day with Michelle and Adam on June 11, 2016. That wonderful day included a post-ceremony romp through a small stream and a killer sunset. Yay! With Pat’s Barn at Rensselaer Technology Park, Conway Entertainment Professional DJ Service, Lily Saratoga, Felthousen’s Florist, Nicole’s Catering and Strut. Spalontique. Thanks to my Jeanette Foley for second shooting.

Michelle & Adam-101 Michelle & Adam-102 Michelle & Adam-103

Michelle & Adam-104

Michelle & Adam-105 Michelle & Adam-106 Michelle & Adam-107 Michelle & Adam-108

Michelle & Adam-109

Michelle & Adam-110

Michelle & Adam-111

Michelle & Adam-112

Michelle & Adam-113

Michelle & Adam-114

Michelle & Adam-115 Michelle & Adam-116 Michelle & Adam-117 Michelle & Adam-118

Michelle & Adam-119

Michelle & Adam-120

Michelle & Adam-121

Michelle & Adam-122

Michelle & Adam-123 Michelle & Adam-124 Michelle & Adam-125

Michelle & Adam-126

Michelle & Adam-127

Michelle & Adam-128 Michelle & Adam-129

Michelle & Adam-130

Michelle & Adam-131 Michelle & Adam-132 Michelle & Adam-133 Michelle & Adam-134 Michelle & Adam-135

Michelle & Adam-136

Michelle & Adam-137 Michelle & Adam-138 Michelle & Adam-139

Michelle & Adam-141


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Congrats to Danielle and Scott!

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Danielle and Scott made some beautiful portraits on May 14, 2016. Thanks for sharing your wedding day with me and Jeanette Foley, guys! Congrats! With Pat’s Barn at Rensselaer Technology Park, Nicole’s Catering, Timeless Updos, Hair & Makeup, Lily Saratoga and DJ Jeff of Piano Man’s DJ Productions.

Danielle & Scott-101

Danielle & Scott-102

Danielle & Scott-103

Danielle & Scott-104

Danielle & Scott-105

Danielle & Scott-106

Danielle & Scott-107

Danielle & Scott-108

Danielle & Scott-109

Danielle & Scott-110

Danielle & Scott-111

Danielle & Scott-112

Danielle & Scott-113

Danielle & Scott-114

Danielle & Scott-115

Danielle & Scott-116

Danielle & Scott-117

Danielle & Scott-118

Danielle & Scott-119

Danielle & Scott-120

Danielle & Scott-121

Danielle & Scott-123Danielle & Scott-124

Danielle & Scott-125

Danielle & Scott-126

Danielle & Scott-127

Danielle & Scott-128

Danielle & Scott-129

Danielle & Scott-130

Danielle & Scott-131

Danielle & Scott-132

Danielle & Scott-133

Danielle & Scott-134

Danielle & Scott-135

Danielle & Scott-136

Danielle & Scott-137

Danielle & Scott-138

Danielle & Scott-139

Danielle & Scott-140

Danielle & Scott-141

Danielle & Scott-142


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Congrats to Lauren and Adam!

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Congrats to Lauren and Adam, who got married at Pat’s Barn at Rensselaer Technology Park on December 13, 2014! I loved spending the documenting your wedding! With Lipstick N Lashes Beauty Bar and BoutiqueFleurtacious Designs and Grand Central Station. Thanks to Alan for second shooting.

Look at the gorgeous lashes on Lauren!:

I adore a bride with a sense of humor!:

Lauren and Adam did their First Look at Pat’s Barn:

And then we made some portraits:

And then it was time for Lauren and Adam to become Mrs. and Mr.:

And then it was finally time for the party!:

Thank you, Lauren and Adam, for sharing your wedding day with JFP. I wish you a lifetime of happiness together.


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Today is the big for Lauren and Adam!

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Today is the big day for Lauren and Adam! They are getting married at Pat’s Barn at Rensselaer Technology Park. I can’t wait to document their wedding. I’m also looking forward to working with Lipstick N Lashes Beauty Bar and BoutiqueFleurtacious Designs and Grand Central Station.

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Megan and Josh’s JFP review

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I love it when I get a message in my inbox alerting me to a new five-star client review. It means so much to me when my clients take the time to share positive words about their JFP experience.

Today, I received a review from Megan and Josh, who got married at Pat’s Barn at Rensselaer Technology Park on August 9, 2014. Yay! Here’s what the newlyweds had to say:

“I don’t even know where to begin to describe how incredibly happy we are with Jeff! First of all he is such an awesome person and Josh and I knew we had made the right choice within the first five minutes of our engagement shoot. We chose to have our dogs in our engagement session and he was so patient with them and really allowed us to incorporate them as much as we wanted! After our engagement shoot we had a year until our actual wedding and Jeff kept in touch the entire time making sure if we had any ideas or special pictures we wanted he knew about it! Next came the wedding day and Jeff met first the girls and then the boys at the hotel rooms we were getting ready in. He captured some amazing candids which described our wedding day perfectly. During the ceremony I didn’t notice him one bit and yet he got so many amazing pictures. We chose to not do a first look so we had a short amount of time to do the formal pictures and Jeff was so incredibly amazing to make sure we got every single picture we wanted and still had time to get to our cocktail hour. After the wedding was over we went on a two week honeymoon and on our way home we got an email from Jeff saying our pictures were ready! I couldn’t believe it and the next day we went to his house and spent a few hours just looking through every picture with him and it was such an awesome way to replay the whole day! From the bottom of our heart thank you so much Jeff for capturing our wedding day so perfectly!”

Thank you so much, guys! I really appreciate your words, and I’m thrilled that we connected so well! Can’t wait to make more photos of you two down the road. xoxo

To see JFP’s WeddingWire reviews, go here.

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Congrats to Megan and Josh!

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Megan and Josh became Mr. and Mrs. Brown (hence the “BROWN’ in this photo) on August 9th, 2014. Congrats, guys! With with Pat’s Barn at Rensselaer Technology ParkIntuition Events by Michelle DischiavoGrand Central StationFlowers By PeshaStrut. SpalontiqueJean Paul Spa and SalonsSomething Bleu Bridal and JFP associate Alan.

Megan got ready at the Hilton Garden Inn (Troy, New York). I love this photo of the bride and her mom as the dress goes on:

And the back of the dress was gorgeous!

Megan got Josh a weed whacker as wedding day gift (he was super excited about it) and she posed with it before it was delivered:

Josh and the guys also got ready the Hilton Garden Inn. Since most of the the guys played football together in high school (at LaSalle Insitute), there was a football floating around:

And there was a groomsman with a wicked hangover from the night before:

Josh and his brother Kyle laughed together all day:

Since, as I mentioned, most of the guys played football together at LaSalle, we stopped by the high school’s football field on our way to Pat’s Barn for the ceremony:

And then it was time for Megan and Josh to get married!:

I love that you can see a tear on Megan’s cheek in this next image:

We jumped right into portrait work after the ceremony:

I’m crazy about this next photo:

Finally, it was time to party!:

Here’s Megan and her sister being silly with their dad:

Thank you, Megan and Josh, for sharing your wedding day with me. I wish you a lifetime of happiness together!:



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A New Year’s Eve snowball

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My 2012 New Year’s Eve wedding featured one of the best First Looks I’ve ever photographed. It may or may not have included a snowball … OK, it did.

And Amanda has one of the best arms I’ve seen. Watch out, Eric!

Amanda and Eric got married at Pat’s Barn in Troy, N.Y. I started the day with Eric, as he got ready, at the Holiday Inn Express in Rensselaer:

And then I headed to Pat’s Barn to hang with the ladies as they got ready for the ceremony. I love love love when I’m able to document goofiness!:

Here’s Amanda (the bride-to-be) getting the final touches done on her makeup:

I love this photo of Amanda’s mom Sylvia slipping a necklace onto Amanda:

Amanda and Eric opted to a First Look, seeing each other before the ceremony (this allowed them to make most of their portraits while there was still a touch of daylight, and it also allowed them to enjoy their cocktail hour with their guests). As Amanda prepared to greet Eric, she also packed a snowball:

(Photo above and below by my assistant, Alan. I love that you can see bridesmaids watching in the second floor window.)

It was then portrait time! (Flowers by Ambiance Florals & Events):

It was chilly out, but the couple didn’t let that stop them. They simply huddled for warmth when they needed to:

Here’s a look at the entire bridal party:

And here are ring bearer Brogan and junior bridesmaid Sailor trying to keep the couple from kissing:

Finally, it was time for Amanda and Eric to get married (thank you to wedding planner Krystal of Kris Royal Weddings for her help throughout the day):

(Photo above by my assistant, Alan.)

We made the family photos right after the ceremony:

And then everyone prepared to party. Doesn’t Pat’s Barn look awesome? (catering by Nicole’s Catering):

And I am completely digging this first dance photo:

The following picture makes me laugh. Doesn’t it look like this little lady is ordering an adult beverage?

Amanda and Eric did a joint parent dance (Conway Entertainment provided the music all evening:

We also made a photo of the newlyweds with everyone who was at the wedding:

I often steal my couples for a few minutes late in the evening, to make a few low-light portraits. I’m so glad I did this with Amanda and Eric:

And, before we knew it, it was midnight! Congratulations, Amanda and Eric! I wish you a lifetime of happiness together!


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Congrats to Amanda and Eric (married on 12-31-12 at Pat’s Barn in Troy, New York)

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Congratulations to Amanda and Eric, who were married on New Year’s Eve at Pat’s Barn! Thanks so much for sharing the day with me, guys. I wish you a lifetime of celebration together!

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