Congrats to Andrea and Michael!

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Congratulations to Andrea and Michael, who got married at 90 State Events (Mazzone Hospitality) on February 28, 2015! I had a great time with them, and it was wonderful to work with True Grace MakeupCuff’s CakesPetricone Matt Photography (video), The Magnetman and White Label DJs. Thanks to Alan for second shooting.

Andrea and Michael’s son Christian played a key role during the wedding. I love this moment between Andrea and Christian:

Andrea has some serious style:

Since it was quite chilly outside, we did a First Look and some of our portrait work at the Hilton Albany:

We then put on brave faces and headed outside (brrrr!):

This couple rocked it despite the cold!:

Back at 90 State, we made one quick vault portrait before the start of the ceremony:

Christian threatened to steal the show with a little tumble and a smile at the start of the wedding:

I love this photo by Alan:

Finally, it was party time:

Thank you for choosing JFP, guys! I wish you a lifetime of happiness together!

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Life is good

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Thank goodness it’s almost time get outside and start making photos like this on a regular basis! Is anyone else as excited as I am for a stretch of sun and warmth? LOL. I can’t wait to spend some quality time outside. I’ve been cooped up in the studio for the past week, editing, designing albums, submitting weddings for potential publication … doing everything except the thing I love most — photographing people!

But it’s almost time for the craziness to start. Yay!

And I may have a model session or two up my sleeve in the next couple of weeks to tide me over till my wedding work gets hectic.

After many years spent working in public relations (among other gigs), I finally love my work. I wake up excited about the day ahead of me more often than not. It’s a great feeling.

If there is something you are passionate about in life, I highly encourage you to explore it as much as you can. I have zero regrets about the years (nearly 10 of them) I spent working a day job and obsessing over photography on nights and weekends (and sometimes on sick days, too). It was totally worth it. Now I make my living making pictures like this. Life is good.

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Congratulations to Jessica and Mike!

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Congratulations to Jessica and Mike (and Laika), who got married on March 14, 2015. I’m so glad they chose JFP to document their big day! I had a blast with them. And it was great to work with The Glen Sanders Mansion (Mazzone Hospitality), Lipstick N Lashes Beauty Bar and BoutiqueAmbiance Florals & Events, and Music Man Entertainment. Thanks to Alan for second shooting.

I started the day with Jessica as she got ready at Glen Sanders:

This image of Jessica trying to eat a sub made me laugh. It was too funny to pass up:

Mike has a great sense of humor:

Jessica and Mike did their First Look (and their portraits) at Glen Sanders. We mostly stayed inside because it was cold and wet outside.

Mike is not the only one with a sense of humor! LOL.

The ceremony took place at Glen Sanders:

Finally, it was time to party:

Thank you, Jessica and Mike, for choosing JFP! I wish you a lifetime of happiness together!


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Andrea and Michael’s JFP review

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I feel like Andrea looks in this photo whenever I get a new client review. So, thank you, Andrea and Michael, bringing a smile to my face today.

Here’s what Andrea and Michael had to say about their JFP experience on WeddingWire:

“Jeff and Alan were professional, fun, easy to work with, friendly, flexible and above all our pictures are just stunning!! So,so happy we went with Jeff!!!”

Thank you again, guys! Can’t wait to share the rest of your photos with you this upcoming week!

To see JFP’s WeddingWire reviews, go here.

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A throwback with Sarah

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An editor reached out to me last night, requesting a few photos of my friend Sarah for a feature on her modeling career. Sarah and I have shot together many times, and this photo is from a shoot I did with her and Tom (who is now her husband). I enjoy the style of this image, and I wanted to take the opportunity to thank Sarah for all the time she has spent in front of my camera.

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Jen and Kelly

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I’m really enjoying revisiting Jen and Kelly’s August 2013 wedding (Weddings at The Whiteface Club and Resortace) this morning. A magazine is considering the wedding for publication, and I’m having fun selecting the photos to submit. I’ve also been thinking about how random it was that I even landed this wedding. I was working another Whiteface Club and Resort wedding, waiting for a groom to arrive for a First Look. As I waited, I noticed Jen and Kelly — well, really, I noticed their dog Wrigley. They were looking at the resort for their wedding. We had a 30-second conversation where I mostly focused on their dog, and that ultimately led to me documenting their wedding day. I would love to see this wedding in print.

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Something a little different

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In addition to booking weddings like crazy lately, I’ve been in album design mode. This image made it into Sarah and Brian’s album (9/6/14) as a large picture, and I wanted to share it here because it’s quite different for me. I tend to make photos that are bright and colorful, and I’m enjoying this photo partly because it’s so dark and moody. It certainly has quite a romantic feeling to it, doesn’t it? With Canfield Casino and Congress ParkMazzone HospitalityMetro Music and Lipstick N Lashes Beauty Bar and Boutique.

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Often, the simplest portraits make me the happiest. I adore the ones where the smiles and the love are right on the surface, where there are no distractions to the couple whose day I’m documenting. (Although the word “simplest” is slightly misleading, as there are still many things to consider with a photo like this — from managing the background to the lighting to the eyes, etc.).

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Happy St. Patrick’s day, friends! I thought today would be a nice day to flash back to June 12, 2009, when I photographed Fiona and Matt’s wedding in Galway, Ireland. This was such a treat for me. First, Matt is my cousin and one of my closest friends (as Fiona has become over the years, as well). Secondly, going to Ireland for the first time was a sort of “homecoming,” as some of my family is from there. (I’m also Italian and German.) Anyhow, happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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It’s almost wedding time for Jessica and Mike!

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I can’t wait to see Jessica and Mike (and Laika) tomorrow! It’s wedding time! And I get to work with some of my favorite people, including the staff at The Glen Sanders Mansion (Mazzone Hospitality), Lipstick N Lashes Beauty Bar and BoutiqueAmbiance Florals & Events, and Music Man Entertainment. It should be a great day!

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