Congrats to Hannah and Adam!

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Jeanette Foley and I (J. Foley Photography) had a wonderful day with Hannah and Adam in Lake Placid yesterday. We are so fortunate to share wedding days together. <3 We worked with our friend Kristin Parker of Weddings at The Whiteface Club and Resort, Railroad Productions, Trillium Florist, DJ Watty, Crystal McComber and Katharine Oropallo.






hannah-and-adam-106 hannah-and-adam-107








hannah-and-adam-116 hannah-and-adam-117 hannah-and-adam-118 hannah-and-adam-119

hannah-and-adam-120 hannah-and-adam-121 hannah-and-adam-122 hannah-and-adam-123

hannah-and-adam-124 hannah-and-adam-125 hannah-and-adam-126 hannah-and-adam-127 hannah-and-adam-128





hannah-and-adam-133 hannah-and-adam-134 hannah-and-adam-135 hannah-and-adam-136 hannah-and-adam-137

hannah-and-adam-138 hannah-and-adam-139



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Cassie and Tom’s engagement photos

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Thanks to Cassie and Tom (and Charlie!) for a fun Saratoga Spa State Park engagement session tonight. The weather was beautiful and Jeanette and I had a nice time getting to know you guys. (Cassie’s makeup by Beauty with Julie.) Looking forward to documenting your Old Daley on Crooked Lake wedding!







cassie-tom-132 cassie-tom-138



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Erica and Tim’s wedding day is here!

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We are getting ready to document Erica and Tim’s wedding today! Looking forward to it. Also looking forward to working with 90 State Events, Mazzone Hospitality, Paul Malo, Bridal Gallery by Yvonne andErica Sherman.

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Congrats to Caitlin and Jason!

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J. Foley Photography loved spending Friday with Caitlin and Jason. It was a beautiful day with a fun, happy couple! With Mazzone Hospitality, The Glen Sanders Mansion, Music Man Entertainment, Christopher Richard and Lily Saratoga.

Caitlin and Jason-101

Caitlin and Jason-102 Caitlin and Jason-103

Caitlin and Jason-104

Caitlin and Jason-105

Caitlin and Jason-106

Caitlin and Jason-107

Caitlin and Jason-108

Caitlin and Jason-109

Caitlin and Jason-110

Caitlin and Jason-111

Caitlin and Jason-112

Caitlin and Jason-113

Caitlin and Jason-115 Caitlin and Jason-116 Caitlin and Jason-117 Caitlin and Jason-118 Caitlin and Jason-119

Caitlin and Jason-120

Caitlin and Jason-121 Caitlin and Jason-122 Caitlin and Jason-123 Caitlin and Jason-124

Caitlin and Jason-125

Caitlin and Jason-126 Caitlin and Jason-127

Caitlin and Jason-128

Caitlin and Jason-129

Caitlin and Jason-130

Caitlin and Jason-131 Caitlin and Jason-132

Caitlin and Jason-133

Caitlin and Jason-134 Caitlin and Jason-135

Caitlin and Jason-136

Caitlin and Jason-137 Caitlin and Jason-138 Caitlin and Jason-139 Caitlin and Jason-140 Caitlin and Jason-141



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Sam and Charlie’s JFP review

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Sam and Charlie-141

I love the review Sam and Charlie left JFP recently. We are so lucky to share such a significant day with people every weekend, and to become friends with so many new people. Here’s what the newlyweds had to say:
“Jeff is absolutely wonderful! Could not have asked for a better person to photograph our wedding! Not only does he take stunning photographs, but he is easy to get along with and kept us laughing throughout the night. All of your hard work is much appreciated Jeff! We will definitely be contacting you again in the future!”
Thank you, guys! Can’t wait to make photos of you down the road. xoxo

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Heather and Dave’s JFP review

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Heather and David-140

Thank you, Heather and Dave for leaving J. Foley Photography a wonderful review. Your words mean a lot to me and Jeanette. We strive to, above everything else, be good people and treat people well. We certainly want our clients to walk away with beautiful photos that take them back to the emotions of their wedding day, but we also want you to have a positive experience with us. We are so glad we have you met you guys and your family. Here’s what the newlyweds had to say:

“Jeff and Jeanette of J. Foley Photography are absolutely incredible people to work with. Not only do they do an awesome job taking pictures but they are very caring compassionate people who make you feel very comfortable in front of the camera. If I had to use one word to describe their operation it would be, passionate, they are truly passionate about getting the perfect picture and want it for you to give you the everlasting memory you have worked so hard to create. The work they do is second to none and you will not be disappointed. The drive these two have for new and exciting ways to take photographs keeps things fun and exciting and will give you a once in a lifetime experience. By far one of the most memorable experiences of our special day was getting to spend the time with these two, worth every penny! Thank you for creating life lasting memories for us!!”

Thank you again, guys!

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Cristina and Dan’s NYC engagement session

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Jeanette and I (J. Foley Photography) traveled to the NYC area together for the first time yesterday, driving down to Jersey City to do an engagement session with Cristina and Dan. Wow. What a day! We survived some crazy, perilous driving (by me) and an intense, out-of-nowhere storm to make some beautiful photos. Thanks, Cristina and Dan, for a wonderful experience! We can’t wait to document your wedding day!




cristina-and-dan-122 cristina-and-dan-126 cristina-and-dan-135




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Congrats to Heather and David!

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Jeanette Foley and I (J. Foley Photography) had a great day with Heather and David! W/ State Room, Ed Litvaitis of We Marry U, Fernando Bustamante and Marcus of Conway Entertainment DJ Trivia, Coccadotts Cake Shop, Flowers By Pesha, LLC, Brittany of Krystal Rose Studio, Apple Box Video Productions and Smile Lounge Photo Booth New York.

Heather and David-101-2

Heather and David-102-2 Heather and David-103-2 Heather and David-104-2 Heather and David-105-2 Heather and David-106-2

Heather and David-107-2 Heather and David-108 Heather and David-109-2 Heather and David-110-2 Heather and David-111-2

Heather and David-112-2 Heather and David-113-2 Heather and David-114-2 Heather and David-115-2

Heather and David-116-2

Heather and David-117-2

Heather and David-118-2

Heather and David-119-2

Heather and David-120-2

Heather and David-121-2-Edit

Heather and David-122-2

Heather and David-123-2

Heather and David-124-2

Heather and David-125-2

Heather and David-126-2 Heather and David-127-2 Heather and David-128-2

Heather and David-129-2

Heather and David-130

Heather and David-131-2

Heather and David-132-2

Heather and David-133-2

Heather and David-134-2

Heather and David-135-2 Heather and David-136-2 Heather and David-137-2 Heather and David-138-2

Heather and David-140


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Congrats to Samantha and Charlie!

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Congrats to Samantha and Charlie! So glad J. Foley Photography got to share your wedding day with you. With The Glen Sanders MansionMazzone Hospitality and my buddy Brian K Garreau of Conway Entertainment Professional DJ Service, Thanks to Jay Zhang for second shooting.

Sam and Charlie-101 Sam and Charlie-102 Sam and Charlie-103 Sam and Charlie-104

Sam and Charlie-105

Sam and Charlie-106 Sam and Charlie-107 Sam and Charlie-108 Sam and Charlie-109

Sam and Charlie-110

Sam and Charlie-111

Sam and Charlie-112

Sam and Charlie-113 Sam and Charlie-114 Sam and Charlie-115 Sam and Charlie-116

Sam and Charlie-117

Sam and Charlie-118

Sam and Charlie-119 Sam and Charlie-120 Sam and Charlie-121 Sam and Charlie-122 Sam and Charlie-123

Sam and Charlie-124 Sam and Charlie-125 Sam and Charlie-126

Sam and Charlie-128

Sam and Charlie-129

Sam and Charlie-130

Sam and Charlie-131

Sam and Charlie-132 Sam and Charlie-133 Sam and Charlie-134 Sam and Charlie-135 Sam and Charlie-136

Sam and Charlie-137 Sam and Charlie-138 Sam and Charlie-139 Sam and Charlie-140

Sam and Charlie-141

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Emily’s senior portraits (Saratoga Springs, New York)

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Jeanette Foley and I (Jeff Foley) had a fantastic senior portrait session with Emily tonight. (Our son Darien lugged gear around for us.) We love this job.






emily-126 emily-129





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