Congrats to Kristin and Drew!

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Thanks to Kristin and Drew for sharing their wedding day with JFP on June 4, 2016! You guys looked fantastic, and it was a pleasure to document your love. With Franklin Plaza Ballroom, Franklin Hospitality, Today’s Limousine, Say i Tru: Your Wedding Musically Curated by DJ Trumastr, Chris Dollard, Flowers By Pesha, LLC, Make Me Fabulous, Angela’s Bridal, Futia’s Formal WearSean Junda Wedding Films, and Katie O’ Weddings & Events. Thanks to Jay Zhang for second shooting.

Kristin & Drew-101

Kristin & Drew-102

Kristin & Drew-103

Kristin & Drew-104 Kristin & Drew-105 Kristin & Drew-106 Kristin & Drew-107 Kristin & Drew-108 Kristin & Drew-109

Kristin & Drew-110

Kristin & Drew-112 Kristin & Drew-113

Kristin & Drew-114

Kristin & Drew-115

Kristin & Drew-117

Kristin & Drew-118

Kristin & Drew-119

Kristin & Drew-120

Kristin & Drew-121

Kristin & Drew-122 Kristin & Drew-123 Kristin & Drew-124 Kristin & Drew-125

Kristin & Drew-126

Kristin & Drew-127

Kristin & Drew-128 Kristin & Drew-129 Kristin & Drew-130 Kristin & Drew-131 Kristin & Drew-132 Kristin & Drew-133

Kristin & Drew-134

Kristin & Drew-135 Kristin & Drew-136 Kristin & Drew-137 Kristin & Drew-138 Kristin & Drew-139 Kristin & Drew-140 Kristin & Drew-141

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Christina and Leif’s engagement photos

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Gotta love an engagement session with a ballet dancer and her photographer fiance! So much fun for me and Jeanette Foley (J. Foley Photography)! Thanks for a great shoot, Christina and Leif. We’re looking forward to your 2017 National Museum of Dance Weddings wedding!


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Emily and Matt’s engagement session

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This shot is how Jeanette Foley and I (J. Foley Photography) ended tonight’s Yaddo engagement session with Emily and Matt — with a little romance and sweet light. Thanks for a great shoot, guys (Emily’s makeup by Michelle Johnson Pozzouli.) Looking forward to your 2017 The Century House wedding.

Emily and Matt-106

Emily and Matt-107 Emily and Matt-109 Emily and Matt-113 Emily and Matt-115

Emily and Matt-120

Emily and Matt-125

Emily and Matt-129 Emily and Matt-130 Emily and Matt-133

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Congrats to Kayla and Jason!

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Thanks to Kayla and Jason for sharing their wedding day with J. Foley Photography! We had a great time! With Anne’s Washington Inn Saratoga Springs New York, Pellegrini Events, Something Bleu Bridal, The Electric City Horns, Nanola, Spa City Baking Co., Erin Storm and Elizabeth Christie. With Jeanette Foley.


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Tomorrow is the big day for Kayla and Jason!

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Kayla and Jason-127

We’re looking forward to Kayla and Jason’s Anne’s Washington Inn Saratoga Springs New York wedding tomorrow! Blooms Weddings and Events, Nanola, Something Bleu Bridal

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Congrats to Michelle and Adam!

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JFP had a wonderful day with Michelle and Adam on June 11, 2016. That wonderful day included a post-ceremony romp through a small stream and a killer sunset. Yay! With Pat’s Barn at Rensselaer Technology Park, Conway Entertainment Professional DJ Service, Lily Saratoga, Felthousen’s Florist, Nicole’s Catering and Strut. Spalontique. Thanks to my Jeanette Foley for second shooting.

Michelle & Adam-101 Michelle & Adam-102 Michelle & Adam-103

Michelle & Adam-104

Michelle & Adam-105 Michelle & Adam-106 Michelle & Adam-107 Michelle & Adam-108

Michelle & Adam-109

Michelle & Adam-110

Michelle & Adam-111

Michelle & Adam-112

Michelle & Adam-113

Michelle & Adam-114

Michelle & Adam-115 Michelle & Adam-116 Michelle & Adam-117 Michelle & Adam-118

Michelle & Adam-119

Michelle & Adam-120

Michelle & Adam-121

Michelle & Adam-122

Michelle & Adam-123 Michelle & Adam-124 Michelle & Adam-125

Michelle & Adam-126

Michelle & Adam-127

Michelle & Adam-128 Michelle & Adam-129

Michelle & Adam-130

Michelle & Adam-131 Michelle & Adam-132 Michelle & Adam-133 Michelle & Adam-134 Michelle & Adam-135

Michelle & Adam-136

Michelle & Adam-137 Michelle & Adam-138 Michelle & Adam-139

Michelle & Adam-141


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Scott and Danielle’s JFP review!

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Danielle & Scott-114

Scott and Danielle left J. Foley Photography a stellar review:

“My wife and I first saw the photography of Jeff Foley through a friend of our’s wedding. His photos stuck out in particular because they were great at capturing all emotions and moments that came with that very important day. After our first meeting with Jeff there was no doubt that we wanted to hire him as our photographer. His great sense of humor, warm personality and whole outlook on his role in our wedding made it obvious he was the right choice. Jeff was great about keeping in touch with us throughout all the stages of the wedding planning process. On the day of our wedding Jeff and Jeanette Foley exceeded our already high expectations. Not only did they take some amazing photos of every emotion imaginable and capture ALL the moments–beautiful, hilarious and ridiculous, but they were great at putting a very jittery groom and an anxious bride at ease. During the reception Jeff and Jeanette were very professional and great at capturing the amount of fun that we had all while staying out of the way. Many guests also complimented them and their ability catch the perfect shots. The all around experience with J. Foley Photography was great. We are extremely happy with how all the pictures came out. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for an incredible photographer.”

Thanks so much, guys! We loved spending your wedding day with you!

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Nicole and Pete’s engagement photos

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I had a great time making engagement photos of Nicole and Pete tonight, and I’m looking forward to their 2017 Brown’s Brewing Company wedding! Thanks to Jeanette Foley for working with me tonight.

Nicole and Pete-115 Nicole and Pete-117

Nicole and Pete-122

Nicole and Pete-124     Nicole and Pete-126

Nicole and Pete-128

Nicole and Pete-130

Nicole and Pete-131

Nicole and Pete-137

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Emily’s JFP review

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Recent J. Foley Photography bride Emily left a glowing review this morning!:
“As soon as I met Jeff at a bridal show and was able to see his work I knew that I wanted him to photograph our wedding. Jeff made everything fun while keeping it extremely professional from our engagement photos up to our first look and throughout our wedding day. He and his wife Jeanette created an atmosphere that was highly organized but never felt rushed rushed. As a bride I appreciated Jeff’s attention to detail and creative eye. Every photo he creates is unique to the couple and will help us forever remember the best day of our lives. We could not thank Jeff enough for all he has done and highly recommend him to everyone!”
Thanks so much for the kind words, Emily, and for sharing your wedding day with us!
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A JFP review from a bride’s mom!

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This photo of Emily and Ryan illustrates how I feel about the review Emily’s mom (Kathy) left for JFP:

“J. Foley Photography was amazing on our daughter’s wedding day. Thank you Jeff Foley and Jeanette Foley for your professionalism! We loved your fun nature, attention to detail, capturing all of our requested pictures and making everyone feel at ease during the day and evening. When the bride, groom and wedding party came back to the bridal suite after pictures, they were excited about the experience and said, “there are going to be some great photos”. We have seen just a few pictures, and they are amazing. Thank you for working so well with our other vendors (Mazzone Hospitality at Saratoga National, Mike The Music Man Entertainment, and Ben Pliss) to capture all of the details of the day! Thanks for making Emily’s dreams come true on her wedding day. We can’t wait to see more of your amazing work! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Thanks so much for the kind words, Kathy! We loved working with your family!

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