Caitlin and Jason’s JFP review!

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Thank you to Caitlin Orlofsky for giving J. Foley Photography one of its fastest reviews ever! Jeanette (who made this beautiful photo of the bride and her dad) and I shot Caitlin and Jason Lyons‘s wedding yesterday, and Caitlin’s review came in today. Yay! Thank you so much. Here’s what Caitlin had to say on Wedding Wire:
“Jeff and Jeanette were incredible! I do not even have words. They make you forget you are even being documented!! We did our engagement photos with them and we could not believe how amazing the photos were! They just did our wedding and the photos we have seen so far…. I don’t even have the words for how amazing they are!! They were so on top of everything and we’re all about the details. We cannot wait to see all the photos and I will be back to tell you how amazing they are because I know we are going to be so in love! Thank you for shareing our special day with us and for capturing our fairy tale! <3”
Thanks again, Caitlin. We had a blast with you guys!
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Congrats to Caitlin and Jason!

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J. Foley Photography loved spending Friday with Caitlin and Jason. It was a beautiful day with a fun, happy couple! With Mazzone Hospitality, The Glen Sanders Mansion, Music Man Entertainment, Christopher Richard and Lily Saratoga.


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Caitlin and Jason are getting married today!

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Caitlin and Jason-111

JFP is looking forward to documenting Caitlin Orlofsky and Jason Lyons’s wedding today! Should be a great day! With Mazzone Hospitality, The Glen Sanders Mansion, Music Man Entertainment, Christopher Richard and Lily Saratoga.

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Brianna and Kevin’s wedding

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Congrats to Brianna and Kevin! We are thrilled that we got to spend your wedding day with you. With Old Daley on Crooked Lake, Love of Music, Bella Blooms, LLC., mmac….NEXT DOOR, True Grace Makeup, Shear Images. Bridal Gallery by Yvonne and Mr. Formal Wear.

Brianna and Kevin-101 Brianna and Kevin-102 Brianna and Kevin-103 Brianna and Kevin-104 Brianna and Kevin-105 Brianna and Kevin-106 Brianna and Kevin-107 Brianna and Kevin-108

Brianna and Kevin-109

Brianna and Kevin-110 Brianna and Kevin-111

Brianna and Kevin-112

Brianna and Kevin-113

Brianna and Kevin-114

Brianna and Kevin-115

Brianna and Kevin-116 Brianna and Kevin-117 Brianna and Kevin-118 Brianna and Kevin-119 Brianna and Kevin-120

Brianna and Kevin-121 Brianna and Kevin-122 Brianna and Kevin-123 Brianna and Kevin-124 Brianna and Kevin-125

Brianna and Kevin-126 Brianna and Kevin-127

Brianna and Kevin-128 Brianna and Kevin-129 Brianna and Kevin-130 Brianna and Kevin-131 Brianna and Kevin-132

Brianna and Kevin-133 Brianna and Kevin-134 Brianna and Kevin-135

Brianna and Kevin-136

Brianna and Kevin-137 Brianna and Kevin-138 Brianna and Kevin-139



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Jess and Brian’s engagement photos

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J. Foley Photography had such a fun engagement session with Jess and Brian (and Hudson the pup) at Historic Barns of Nipmoose tonight! Can’t wait for your wedding, guys! Thanks to my friend Kristen Renee for assisting.

Jess and Brian-103 Jess and Brian-110 Jess and Brian-118 Jess and Brian-119 Jess and Brian-123

Jess and Brian-130

Jess and Brian-136

Jess and Brian-140 Jess and Brian-141

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Congrats to Heather and David!

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Jeanette Foley and I (J. Foley Photography) had a great day with Heather and David! W/ State Room, Ed Litvaitis of We Marry U, Fernando Bustamante and Marcus of Conway Entertainment DJ Trivia, Coccadotts Cake Shop, Flowers By Pesha, LLC, Brittany of Krystal Rose Studio, Apple Box Video Productions and Smile Lounge Photo Booth New York.


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Congrats to Kayla and Jason!

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Thanks to Kayla and Jason for sharing their wedding day with J. Foley Photography! We had a great time! With Anne’s Washington Inn Saratoga Springs New York, Pellegrini Events, Something Bleu Bridal, The Electric City Horns, Nanola, Spa City Baking Co., Erin Storm and Elizabeth Christie. With Jeanette Foley.

Kayla and Jason-101 Kayla and Jason-102 Kayla and Jason-103 Kayla and Jason-104

Kayla and Jason-105

Kayla and Jason-106 Kayla and Jason-107 Kayla and Jason-108

Kayla and Jason-109

Kayla and Jason-110

Kayla and Jason-111 Kayla and Jason-112

Kayla and Jason-113 Kayla and Jason-114 Kayla and Jason-115

Kayla and Jason-116

Kayla and Jason-117 Kayla and Jason-118 Kayla and Jason-119 Kayla and Jason-120 Kayla and Jason-121

Kayla and Jason-122

Kayla and Jason-123

Kayla and Jason-124 Kayla and Jason-125 Kayla and Jason-126 Kayla and Jason-127 Kayla and Jason-128 Kayla and Jason-129 Kayla and Jason-130 Kayla and Jason-131

Kayla and Jason-132

Kayla and Jason-134

Kayla and Jason-135

Kayla and Jason-136 Kayla and Jason-137 Kayla and Jason-138

Kayla and Jason-139

Kayla and Jason-140

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Kateri and Adam’s engagement photos

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Sgt. Tibbs wants to make sure that Kateri and Adam’s friends and family know that 7/1/17 is a big day! LOL. (Kateri’s hair and makeup by Christopher Brian Salon.) Thanks for a great engagement session, guys! Can’t wait for the wedding!

Kateri and Adam-104

Kateri and Adam-107

Kateri and Adam-110

Kateri and Adam-117

Kateri and Adam-121

Kateri and Adam-123

Kateri and Adam-126

Kateri and Adam-135

Kateri and Adam-136-2

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Laura and Nolan’s engagement photos

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Thanks to Laura and Nolan for a fantastic engagement session tonight. Jeanette Foley and I had a blast and we can’t wait to document your wedding day!

Laura and Nolan-104 Laura and Nolan-105 Laura and Nolan-111

Laura and Nolan-118

Laura and Nolan-120 Laura and Nolan-131 Laura and Nolan-136

Laura and Nolan-141

Laura and Nolan-145

Laura and Nolan-149

Laura and Nolan-157

Laura and Nolan-160

Laura and Nolan-163

Laura and Nolan-176

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Jill and Rich’s Saratoga Springs engagement session

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Yeah, so the ending of Jill and Rich’s engagement session was pretty epic for me and Jeanette Foley. Sunset, water and romance … So much fun! Can’t wait for the wedding!

Jill and Rich-101

Jill and Rich-104

Jill and Rich-109

Jill and Rich-110

Jill and Rich-112

Jill and Rich-116 Jill and Rich-120 Jill and Rich-124 Jill and Rich-132 Jill and Rich-134


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